MLA Conference Blog Survey

I am finally back from my post MLA vacation.  I have a lot of piles to go through personally and professionally but I wanted to post a link to the MLA Conference Blog Survey while things were still fresh in people’s minds.

MLA evaluates the meeting (please fill out their survey if it was sent to your email) and the programs to see how things went.  They are always interested in what was done well, what could have be done better, and suggestions for programming.   The blog is no different.  So we have created a short survey about the blog.  Your feedback is needed so that we can learn about what you want in a blog, what was helpful, what could have been done better and whether we were able to provide appropriate coverage of events at the meeting. 

Your feedback will help future bloggers.

The survey will be open until June 30th.  I plan on posting the results by the end of August.   I will forward any ideas and lessons learned to next year’s blog coordinators. 

Thank you