MLA Election Reminder

Believe it or not I am now just really starting to feel better from whatever I had that had gottten me.  It took me a while but several types of antibiotics and a steroid inhaler later I am feeling more like my old self.  A lot of stuff went on while I was out on my blogging leave of absence, and there is no way I can cover all of it.  So I will just go forward with what is going on now. 

You thought November 2nd was the end of the elections for a while, but if you are a member of MLA then election season is not quite over. 

The MLA 2011/2012 election is now underway, and the deadline for voting is December 7th.  Email messages with a link to the ballot have been sent to all MLA members with email addresses, and paper ballots have been sent to those without email.  The participation rates for the 2009/10 and 2010/11 MLA elections were 42.37% and 39.75%, respectively.  We hope to see the level of participation in MLA elections rise.  These elections are important because they determine who will lead MLA, set its priorities, and allocate its resources during these difficult times.  Please take the time to cast your ballot by December 7th.

So read through the ballot and the candidates and select the people you think will lead and represent MLA.  Be involved and vote!