MLA Newbies and Vets Sign up for Colleague Connection

I have been a mentee and a mentor for the Colleague Connection and I can say from first hand knowledge that it is a great experience from both perspectives.  An annual conference can be quite intimidating for the first time attendee.  You feel like everybody else knows each other (and you don’t know anybody) and you can get overwhelmed with all of the programming and things to do.  It helps to have a mentor as a friendly face to talk with and to get guidance from.  It offers mentors the ability to meet new attendees and learn about what they are doing too.  So I highly encourage attendees (both new and seasoned) to sign up for the Colleague Connection.

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Colleague Connection is MLA’s mentoring program that pairs newer members or first-time meeting attendees with returning, more experienced members during the annual meeting. The purpose of Colleague Connection is to introduce new attendees to the association and help them get the most out of the MLA annual meeting. Initial contacts made through Colleague Connection can lead to lifelong friendships with your peers and increase your professional network. Don’t be left out – sign up as a mentee or mentor today:!

If you are a new member or first time conference attendee, consider pairing up with an experienced colleague at the meeting in Boston! Colleague Connection allows you to have your questions about the conference answered, maximize your time, choose the best programs and meetings to attend, meet new colleagues, build your professional network, and discuss new ideas.

Returning members benefit from Colleague Connection, too! Mentoring a colleague during the conference can expand your professional network, expose you to new ideas, and help you see the conference from a fresh perspective. In addition, you will get the satisfaction of helping someone – there’s no greater reward than that!

Mentees and Mentors should register here: Those who sign up by Saturday April 27th will be guaranteed to receive their mentor or mentee before leaving for the meeting. Once assigned, each pair of colleagues will be responsible for working out times to meet and connect.

 If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Harris email can be found on MLANet.


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