MLA Officially Getting More Social

Julie Kochi just published a post on MLA Connections about MLA’s New Association Management System (AMS).   The new AMS is in the process of being installed and it will enhance services to MLA members and make things a little more streamlined for MLA staff.  They anticipate it should be up and running in the beginning of 2010.

Some things MLA members will find the new system will do:

Password and username customization – MLA members will be able to set their passwords to whatever their heart’s desire and whatever their brains can remember.  Don’t worry if your brain reboots and you can’t remember, you will be able to click on “forgot my password” to retrieve it.  Krafty note: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Profiles – Members will be able to set up detailed online profiles if they want to.  Members will be able to edit regular MLA directory contact information as well as add their job titles, IM handles, personal and professional websites, social networking profiles, and a photo.  Of course if you don’t want to add anything and you wish to remain just a name and contact information (from the directory) you can do that too.

Institutional Profiles – Institutional members will also be able to customize their information.  The MLA staff hope to have institutional information such as employees, constituents, collections and fiscal information included in the profile.

These are some great improvements and I look forward to using them in 2010.  The password issue was long overdue and will be one of the greatest improvements for all members.  I have only one thing to add to the wish list on the AMS, I would love for it to have a section where you can track your CME and AHIP things so that I can finally do away with the manila folder in my desk. 

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?  The MLA staff would like your feedback.  If so please do not comment on my blog but go on to MLA Connections and comment.

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