MLA President and Board Members

Recently the MLA membership elected Jerry Perry as President elect and Rikke Ogawa and Marianne Comegys to the MLA Board.  If you are like me and you sometimes forget what you had for breakfast then you might want to read the blog posts each of them did on MLA Connections and get to know them a little bit better.  Not only will you learn a little bit about their professional activities but you will be directed to Jerry’s video clip about his personal interests, learn how to pronounce Rikke’s name, and find out about Marianne’s goal to attend a championship event in every sport.

Speaking of MLA Presidents and Board Members, the MLA Nomintating Committee posted a call for nominations for MLA President-Elect and MLA Board.  So if there is somebody you think you want to see representing the membership as the President or a Board Member go on to, check out the current and past Presidents and Board Members, and send in the name of somebody you would think would be good to the Nominating Committee.  Your submission must be done before May 5, 2010, please read the call for nominations for more details.

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