MLA’s New Online System

If you are an MLA member you may have noticed a renewal email in your inbox.  That is because phase one of the transition to MLA’s new web based association management system (AMS) is complete.  When you renew your membership with MLA you be added to the new system. 

Once in the new system you can begin to try out some of the new features that are available and up and running in the first phase. 

  • Change your membership type (if needed)
  • Update your subscriptions and change from print to electronic of JMLA or MLA News
  • Retrieve your password and change your username and password —Yippie! 🙂
  • Update and expand your contact information, including multiple email addresses
  • Determin which information you wish to make visible in the membership directory
  • Search the updated membership directory
  • Opt out of MLA-FOCUS and other email communications
  • View information on your MLA membership and payment history
  • View your current leadership positions
  • Search leadership rosters
  • Sign on to your account and the MLANET members only area through a single sign on
  • Shop the new online store

You will start to see some changes over the next week.  The MLA staff will be updating links on MLANET to reflect the new system.

Don’t forget to watch MLA Connections  because there will be an MLANET Editorial Board article on the AMS providing you with the opportunity to post questions or comments on the new system.