NEJM Changes

The New England Journal of Medicine launched its new website which is now hosted on the Atypon publish Platform, they will be moving off of the Highwire platform. 

If you have an institutional subscription, your subscription administrator should have received an email but just in case, here is what you need to know.

Contact NEJM right away if:

  • You use an OpenURL Link resolver that you have specified in your NEJM account profile
  • You participate in LOCKSS
  • Other Key Information You Should Know:

    • Changes to administrator’s username/password -You will be asked to choose an email address as your username
    • No more multiple users of one username/password
    • The URL will stay the same, there will be redirects to the new site.  The URL http://content.nejm.orgwill no longer be correct but there will be redirects for it.  The DOI for content will not change
    • IP addresses, Athens IDs, and Shibboleth will be migrated to the new site. 
    • COUNTER reports back to 2005 will be available.  COUNTER reports through HighWire will NOT be available.  The new site supports SUSHI.

    NEJM Subscription and Content Information:

    • The two institution subscription options; Site License option (unlimited IP addresses, Athens and/or Shibboleth), the Print plus 5 works stations option (five static IP addresses & no proxy/remote access) will remain the same.
    • Now that NEJM is on Atypon, the complete NEJM Archive is available for purchase. One or both sections of the Archive (1812-1944 and/or 1945-1989) are availble to purchase.  Individual subscribers will have limited online access to the Archive.
    • All subscribers (institutional and individual) will automatically have online access to 1990-Present for no additional charge.
    • Reference linking will be available for content from 1945 -Present but there will no longer be “toll-free” reference linking that was part of the Highwire platform.
    • Increased opportunities for institutional branding (graphics 50×24 pixels; jpeg, gif, or png, and text 60 chars.)

    If you have any questions about these changes contact NEJM and allow 24-72 hours for them to respond.

    One thought on “NEJM Changes”

    1. Thanks for posting this! Has anyone been able to successfully access full text through link resolvers as of yesterday for NEJM? Email says to wait a few days but I have no further information. Thanks.

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