New NLM Site Not Designed for Older Browsers?

Yesterday I reported that NLM redesigned their website and I mentioned that I kind of liked the design.  Today people on MEDLIB-L are reporting problems viewing the site.  The biggest complaint (and a valid one) is that they see blue links on a blue background.  What they should see is this image as displayed on the Technical Bulletin, instead they see this which is clearly difficult to read.

Is this a browser issue?  I would think it is.  The people who are reporting this problem seem to have IE 7 or lower.  I have IE 8 and all of my computers are IE 8 so I really can’t confirm whether it is browser incompatibility issue.  I have Firefox and the site does well on Firefox.  However as one person pointed out on MEDLIB-Lthis could also be a style sheet loading problem, they recommend going into Tools and changing the check box for formatting documents using my style sheet. 

As I said I don’t have IE 7 on any of my computers, so I cannot verify if this is a fix or not. 

What perplexes me slightly is why NLM would design a site that is not very compatible with IE 7?

UPDATE: I logged into my email on 1/13/11 and there was a post on MEDLIB-L from a person at NLM.  According to the email, they are actively investigating the problem.  Prior to the launch they did test the site on IE 6,7,8, and 9 beta as well as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.  They did not see any issues prior to the release.  However, there are some IE 7 users who are seeing this problem.

They want your help identifying the cause.  If your home page looks very different from the image at contact them at customer service email or their contact page

Please give a detailed description of your IE version and operating system. 

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