New PubMed Webinar Recordings

This week Holly Ann Burt at the GMR conducted several webinars on the new PubMed and its changes.  I found the information to be extremely helpful so I ask her if it was ok to publish the links to the webinars on the blog so that others not in the GMR or who were unable to attend the webinars could benefit from them.

Thankfully she agreed.  🙂

The webinars are all very similar and Holly covers approximately the same information in each one. So why did I include links to different recordings when she covers the same information?  The reason I did this is that each one is slightly different because different people attending asked different questions. 

I will be listening to each recording and I will list the questions people ask for each section so that if you are concerned about a specific item, you can click on the link where somebody asked that question.   Additionally as I listen to the recordings I will have more information to list (below) about what I have learned about the new PubMed.

(This will take me some time so please be patient as I get the information up. Usually I don’t publish a post until it is totally done, but I felt it was more important to list the recordings so people can listen to them rather than wait until I have listened to each one and summarized the questions.) 

Briefly here are things that I learned:

Want to email suggestions about the design or function of New PubMed?  You must use HelpDesk email link. (located bottom right hand corner of front page). That is the group that is dealing with the redesign.  So if you think PubMed is missing something, (such as easy access to Lonesome Doc, MedlinePlus, LinkOut, etc.) email them to request it to be added.

To get to Lonesome Doc: Located Using PubMed, Go to Full Text Articles, scroll to where it says Local library.  There is a brief paragraph with a link to Loansome Doc.  (Krafty note: Totally hidden and unhelpful)

Special Queries:  The special queries search that we all knew in the old PubMed is now called Topic-Specific Queries.

LinkOut: Not easy to find.  Up at the top above the PubMed logo their is a pull-down menu for Resources.  Click it and select All Resourcesthen scroll to LinkOut.  What is totally confusing is that there are two spots labeled Resources.  One link is upper left above PubMed logo and the other more prominent (and first place you notice) is the More Resources which located on the right side of the page midway down the page.

Auto suggest: The auto suggest in the search box is NOT MeSH, it is just an auto suggest of what others have searched for.  (Krafty note: very misleading).

Publication Date in Advanced Search:  Adding the publication date in advanced search is NOT a limiter! 

Search Results Screen:  Citation and Abstract Plus are gone and now there is just Abstract.  IF you are in the Abstract view you can’t easily get to the full text of the article.  (Krafty note:  Why would they do that? I noticed that if your library uses Outside Tool your Outside Tool icon does display in the Abstract display and your users can get the full text if they click on that icon.)

Details Box: The details box will be leaving!  There will be a link in Advanced Search but the box will be disappearing soon.  If you want the box you will have to be signed into MyNCBI to keep it.  If you are plain ol’ user who doesn’t use MyNCBI then you won’t see the box.

Recent Activity: Recent Activity is NOT history!  This is important.  They do different things. 

MyNCBI: Lots of changes, share citations, filters, etc.

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