For whatever reason you couldn’t make it to MLA this year but you would still like to know about what is going on at NLM.  Never fear, the June 8, 2010 entry on the NLM Technical Bulletin includes information about the NLM exhibit booth including links to the voice recordings of the presentations at the booth. 

Presentations already available are:

  • Update
  • DailyMed
  • Health Services Research & Public Health Update
  • History of Medicine Update
  • MyMedicationList and RxNorm
  • PubMed Review
  • Resources for Disaster Planning and Response
  • Toxicology & Environmental Health Update
  • UMLS Update
  • Using My Bibliography to Manage Compliance with NIH Public Access Policy

According to the bulletin the following are comming soon:

  • NLM Online Users’ Meeting Questions and Answers
  • NLM Update PowerPoint Presentations
  • NLM Online Users’ Meeting PowerPointe Presentations for Remarks, MedlinePlus, DOCLINE

So if you weren’t at the meeting or if you were at the meeting and had a scheduling conflict it might be a good idea to check out some of these recordings.  Don’t forget, regular meeting attendees and online meeting attendees have access to many other videos and presentations from the meeting at

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