NLM Has New Web Site Look

The National Library of Medicine’s home page has a new look.  The new look is designed around “your top tasks.”  I don’t know when they say “your top tasks” whether it is customizable directly by the individual user, uses cookies or some other programming to customize the page indirectly based on your usage, or if they are using “your top tasks” to mean the general public’s top tasks (most frequently used links).  My guess and please correct me if I am wrong that it is most frequently used links design method.

According to their news release, they ” updated thousands of pages within the site,” included top navigation to popular links, and added social sharing functionality so users can share content to people through Facebook, Twitter, and social bookmarking services. 

I like the new look and feel, but I have to admit the times I go to NLM’s site is when I am trying to get to databases which are featured prominently on the left hand side. I don’t go to the site for new or other things all that often because I already subscribe to their RSS feed, Twitter feed and Facebook.  So it should be interesting to hear how others who use the site a little differently like the re-design.

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