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The National Library of Medicine has launched its YouTube channel at  The channel will allows unregistered users to watch videos and registered users to post videos of lectures, training, special events NLM exhibitions, public service announcements, and more. 

If your hospital doesn’t block YouTube you can subscribe to be notified whenever new content is posted. 

Ok I have a stupid question for somebody who knows more than I do in IT.  Many insitutions block YouTube but allow streaming of educational, medical, or work related videos on educational or medical sites (basically not YouTube sites).  Is it possible to block YouTube in general but to allow access to specfic channels, like the NLM channel, on YouTube? 

As a hospital librarian who is asked to look for videos of surgical procedures, techniques, exercises, etc. I have to say A LOT of good stuff is posted on YouTube by college medical centers.  But because it is on YouTube I can’t see it.  I can only do the search and then tell the person how I did the search to retrieve the results so that they can view the videos at home (or on a 3G device that has wifi disabled).  I realize there is a lot of junk on YouTube…but there is a lot of good stuff like the NLM and NIH channel.  So is there any way to block general YouTube but allow a channel? Just curious.

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  1. i got my organization to unblock Youtube, basically stating that it was a strategic and educational resource and that not having it would put our school at a serious disadvantage – even affecting accreditation. They decided to open the channel to all staff. I haven’t asked I/T, but I believe their site blocking filter is “dumb”, and doesn’t discriminate (at least here at my school).

  2. I was so intrigued by the idea of whitelisting a YouTube channel that I e-mailed IT to ask about YouTube access. Over time, we’ve had total access for all, no access for anyone, and then access for individuals if you made a good case for needing access. Our wheel has now come full circle and we have total access for all staff.

    They also replied that as far as they know, you can’t have partial access to YouTube. It’s all or nothing.

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