NLM Show Off Your Apps Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the National Library of Medicine’s Show Off Your Apps contest were announced

The five winners are:

GLAD4U – (Gene List Automatically Derived For You) is gene retrieval tool that uses NCBI’s program utilities and gene ID mapping tables to find information associated with each gene, publications, and links for “file exports and further functional enrichment analyses.”

iAnatomy – An interactive anatomy atlas that can work without an Internet connection and allows people to search and zoom in on structures.

KNALIJ – Offers researchers a method to deal with massive amounts of data by making connections linking biomedical and life science research and researchers around the world.  These link can also be visualized to allow for easier exploration analysis and education.

NLMplus – Provides a emantic search a discover application to the large amount of information and services in NLM.

Quertle – Instead of using keyword searching it uses linguistic methods to find the most relevant documents.  Quertle is for life science professionals searching multiple life science literature resources including Medline.

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