Old Posts Available

Ok now that MLA is done and I am back at home dealing with my normal hectic life, I can begin to fix my blog that kind of derailed when I moved it to WordPress. 

I have 5 years worth of blog posts and comments and thankfully they aren’t missing.  While you can’t see them right now on this current site they are still available.  If you want to browse or search for something you have to go to http://www.kraftylibrarian.com/old_index.html.  That covers everything from when I started blogging in June 2004 to April 23, 2009.  Searching for posts within Google will also work. 

I am in the process of getting those posts and adding them to WordPress.  However the WordPress one click easy migration from Blogger doesn’t work for me and my posts.  I suspect the reason why is that my Blogger posts were not actually hosted on Blogger they were hosted on the LISHost server.  So if anybody as any ideas as to how to move my Blogger posts so they actually show up within the WordPress site, please share them. 

I will be making a lot of changes these next few weeks so just bear with me while I get this thing up the way I want it.