Online Program Planner Available

I just finished writing my post on the Official MLA’12 Blog about the online program planner. Good news the online planner is live and ready for you to use.  Unfortunately you can’t add your own personal items in the planner, BUT you will be able to do so soon.  That feature is something that will be added.

In the post I also included links to instructions for saving your itinerary and uploading it into Google Calendar, Outlook, and Lotus Notes.  So if you are going to MLA, check out the blog post and start getting your schedule together in the program planner.

3 thoughts on “Online Program Planner Available”

  1. Please excuse my excess commenting. On the lising of posters by presenter name, only the first presenter is listed. 🙁 Phooey.

  2. So now I am digging around some more and see that I can browse the section programs and posters by presenter name. That IS helpful! Just have to search in 2 places. Ignore most of previous comments! 🙂

  3. First, I would like to say that having the online planner is great! But I do have some comments about searching in the planner. I want to search by name for presentations by people I know — the keyword search does seem to do it. But I notice that all the information is not completely full. For example, searching on the last name of the Janet Doe Lecturer or the incoming MLA President gets nothing. The retrieval just shows the title. So in the case of lastname searching (because people have their official names and their nicknames), one has to click on the title to find the presenter’s name to verify if the presentation is by the actual person you are interested in. I am also interested in searching by state to see who from my area is presenting. The state information is in the database as the two letter state code which is useless as a keyword search.

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