Planning the National Meeting part 2

In May at the DC meeting I wrote a post about what it was like serving as one of the co-chairs of the NPC and planning the Seattle meeting.  Through out this year we have been working (primarily online using Google Docs) on the meeting.  On Monday and Tuesday I was in Seattle with my fellow co-chair Teresa Knott meeting with the MLA folks, LAC, and the meeting planners. 

During this year we have been working choosing the theme, logo, speaker, and creating committees.  As I mentioned most of the work we have been doing has been online through Google Docs where we post documents discussing those things for the rest of the committee to look at, edit, vote on, and discuss.  I am happy to report we have our theme and our logo and we are actively in the process of finding a speaker and forming other committees. 

While we were in Seattle we stayed in the conference hotel and toured the convention center (which is right across the street).  The hotel is very nice and located near lots of shopping and restaurants and is short walk to the Pike Place Market (see map to view places around the hotel). 

We have a lot of things still left to do, but we are working on them.  We have already chosen our them and our logo which will debut at the 2011 meeting.  As our meeting date gets closer and we finalize more items I will report on them.  In the mean time don’t forget about Minneapolis where I will see you in the 2012 booth.