Share Your Tools

Have a cool tool, website, article, or idea that you think other medical librarians could benefit from?  The MLA Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) is working to help shape MLA’s social media presence by promoting and mentioning things that are useful to medical librarians.  One idea was for people to share what things they find useful for their job and then we would mention it on MLA Facebook or other social networking venues.  Basically create a crowd source resource that can be distributed to others. 

Sharing your cool tools has never been easier.  There are several ways you can do it. 

  • Tweet #mlatools with your favorite or newly discovered tool.
  • Comment on my blog or EagleDawg’s blog and mention MLA Tool somewhere in the comment.
  • Post on the MEDLIB-L email list and mention MLA Tool in the subject line.

Our hope is that we develop a repository tools, ideas, websites, etc. useful to medical librarians and we can profile them on our social sites for people to learn about and further discuss.


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