Switching from iPhone to Android: Doctor’s Perspective

Plenty of doctors are switching mobile devices.  I know the doctors at my institution are officially migrating from the Blackberry to the iPhone.  Androids are not available as institutional devices at my institution, but that doesn’t mean that others don’t have them. 

I documented my move from iPhone to Android and back to the iPhone in my “Friday Diary parts 1, 2, 3” and “An End to My Android and Virgin Mobile Experiment.” Personally, I didn’t like the Android as much as my iPhone.  But I can see if you started out with an Android and went to the iPhone you might feel the opposite of what I felt. 

In the latest installment of which is better, I thought I would list a few links to sites where people are trying one device over another.

iMedicalApps.com – Dr. Michael Kerr will be writing a series “A Doctors perspective of switching from iPhone to Android,” documenting his move from iPhone to Android and the medical perspective.  They tried this once before with Iltifat Husain at iMedicalApps.com who said he would write more about medical apps on the Android from a physician’s perspective, but I haven’t found any further articles from Husain on this topic.  Cross our fingers Kerr will have some interesting information.

Mashable – Christina Warren wrote “Can Mashable’s Apple Fangirl Switch to the Lumia 920?” where she will be documenting her switch from an iPhone to the new Windows phone. 

Techlicious – “5 Things I Miss Most About Android” Suzanne Kantra details her switch from iPhone to Android, back to iPhone and realized she like the Android better.

My husband recently left is his Android and now has the Lumia 920 Windows phone.  So he has used Apple, Android and now Windows.  Perhaps I can get him to write a guest post about the differences and pros and cons of each device.  For me I learned my lesson I am sticking with my iPhone, and according to ComputerWorld, I’m not alone in my platform loyalty.

**Update** The Krafty Husband thought it was a great idea to write about his experiences on each platform.  So, look for a guest post from him sometime around Christmas.

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