Tablet Specifically for Healthcare

There’s been some discussion on this blog and other places about the iPad and it possible use in healthcare.  I ran across this article, “Apple Isn’t the Only Vendor With New Tablet,”  yesterday and thought I would discuss it today. 

Motion computing will most likely be unveiling a new tablet (presumably called the C5) for healthcare at the HIMSS conference March 1-4, 2010 in Atlanta.  According the Information Week article, the C5 is more in line with what clinicians need for a mobile computing device. 

The C5 is:

  • Rugged for falls
  • Can handle regular swipes of disinfectant
  • Has a barcode scanner and RFID reader for drug safety and supply/inventory
  • Has a camera for telemedicine

However the C5 is still too big if you want it to fit in the white coat pocket.  The article quotes Michael Stinson (Motion Computing VP of Marketing) saying, “It’s not uncommon to see [the C5] used with a cart.” 

People have been trying to make the perfect tablet for physicians for a while now.   Tablet makers will be watching and copying each other and Apple to try and get into the Healthcare market.  It will be interesting to see how this pans out and how/if medical libraries can fit in there.

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