Three Legged Dogs are Cool

I know I owe you all part 2 post on Life and MLA President but I have gotten delayed.  My 1 yr old puppy, Chewie (as in Chewbacca of course) was diagnosed with cancer and had to have his leg removed.  That kind of sucking away all of my available free time.

Chewie doing good after surgery.

While Chewie doesn’t have much to do with medical librarianship, I have to say the little dude has inspired.

2 thoughts on “Three Legged Dogs are Cool”

  1. Best wishes to Chewie! I lost two dogs to cancer and really hope the best for him and you.

  2. Best wishes to Chewie for a speedy recovery! I volunteer at an animal shelter and it seems like any time a three-legged dog comes in, it gets adopted quickly. I guess people love an underdog (no pun intended)!

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