Video of the New Bloglines

Thanks to Valerie’s Comment I have learned that the folks over at MerchantCircle blog have just posted a video featuring the “new” Bloglines. 

The video is hosted on YouTube and the direct link is:

I tried viewing the video on my iPhone and the writing is so small that I can’t read anything about it, so it is best viewed on a regular computer screen.

As far as I can tell from the MerchantCircle blog most of the features they mention seem to pretty standard and were already a part of Bloglines (at least I think they were).  The feature that I definitely know is new is they have integrated Facebook and Twitter sharing so it looks like Valerie’s opinion that the “new design looks like the Netvibes reader with a different skin to it,” is pretty accurate.

Adding the Facebook and Twitter component was/is crucial to me, I have really grown to love that feature in Netvibes and I think that makes sharing stories between the three systems (Facebook, blogs, Twitter) that much easier and cohesive.  Now that I know the new Bloglines will have this feature, it definitely makes it worth it to me to look at moving back. We will see.

The MerchantCircle blog

2 thoughts on “Video of the New Bloglines”

  1. Michelle,

    I am not sure if I mentioned this before but Google Reader has a social media function. In the ‘Send To’ drop down menu you can add any item including Twitter & Facebook. Also linking your reader (any reader) to a FriendFeed account then having that account auto post to specific platforms is a quick way to manage posts from multiple sources. These are just ideas that have worked for me.

    Thank you for the update on bloglines.


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