Video Submission Deadline for MLA Section Program Extended

Last week I blogged about the Leadership and Management’s Section Program, Smells Like Team Spirit: Partnerships to Move Your Library Forward.

The deadline was February 10th and it has been extended to Feb 20th? (trying to find my email to confirm).

So if you have a great team but haven’t recorded something, get recording NOW!  You don’t have to have a professional studio film, you can use a video from your smartphone or tablet device.  

 To submit a video complete the following form and email your video to MLA12.LMS@  If the form is not completed, then it cannot be loaded to the MAL12LMS channel (due to legal issues.)  Videos must be sent to MLA12.LMS@ and the Google Form must be completed.

Video Guidelines

Videos must be no longer than five minutes.  The MLA member submitting may want to introduce the context of the partnership or may have a conversation with someone from the partner organization about the impact of working with a health sciences librarian and his or her organization.  

Videos must be in Apple QuickTime Movie .mov, AVI Format .avi, Windows Media Format .wmv, or MPEG Format .mpg or .mpeg formats.  You can film your partner and comments with your iPhone or other mobile device.  Informal videos are fine but please ensure that there is adequate lighting and you and your partner are clearly heard on the video.  Videos over 5 minutes will NOT be reviewed for inclusion in either the Smells Like Team Spirit: Partnerships to Move Your Library Forward session or the MLA12LMSProgram’s YouTube Channel after MLA.

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