Vote Now!

Yesterday was voting day for many Americans.  Hopefully those of you who had issues on the ballot were able to get out and have your voice heard through your vote.

MLA members also have a chance to have their voice heard through their vote.  All members with emails on file at MLA should have received an email with information on voting for a new MLA incoming President, 2 new Board Members, and 9 Nominating Committee Members. 

Obviously voting for the incomming MLA President is a way to help choose the direction and priorities of the organization, but the Board and the Nominating Committee are just as important too.  The MLA President does not operate in a vaccuum, as liasions the Board Members work with sections, committees, and other groups and help the MLA President.  The Nominating Committee is a crucial group of people who look at the MLA membership and recommend and debate over who to nominate for each year’s election. 

So MLA members get out there and vote.  It is easy, you don’t even have to find your polling place, present your ID, or even provide a signature.  (One draw back, to online voting, you don’t get an I Voted sticker.)   All you just have to click on the link that MLA sent you in the email.   Voting is one of the easiest but important ways you can get involved with MLA.

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