What Do Want From MLA?

Recently Stephanie Gertken posted on MEDLIB-L requesting medical librarians thoughts and feedback about MLA.

( from the MEDLIB-L post)

As a follow up to the Open Forum presentation on the MLA Professional Association Value and Planning Survey at MLA in May, we posed the question to the forum attendees, “Wouldn’t it be cool if MLA” . . . (fill in the blank).  We received several interesting suggestions, including a recommendation that this question should also be posted to MEDLIB-L.

 We’re interested in hearing your ideas, comments, feedback on this topic.

We’ll compile and share the information with the group and will also incorporate the information into the final report on the MLA survey project that will go to MLA Board.  The information that goes into the report will include only the ideas/comments/feedback and will not identify any individuals by name.

 We are interested in generating a discussion on the list regarding this topic, and also welcome any comments off-list to stephger[atsign]umich[dotedu].

So what do you think would be cool for MLA to do?  What direction would you like to see the organzation take?  Suggestions can be big or small, techie or non-techie.  Email Stephanie with your ideas and suggestions.

One thought on “What Do Want From MLA?”

  1. What a great thing to bring up. I just sent my “What if” but I’m also going to pass this around to see if anyone else has ideas.

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