WiFi Access at MLA’s 2011 Annual Meeting

I just received an email from Section Council regarding Internet access at the meeting and I asked if I could share it and I can, so here is the email. 

MLA Headquarters reports that Internet access in guest rooms in MLA block at the Hilton will be wireless and without charge.

Most meetings will be at the convention center, a short walk from the hotel.   At the convention center MLA will offer the Internet Cafe with wireless WIFI, as in the past. 

To expand access, NPC and staff are looking into ways MLA can provide attendees WIFI access at plenary sessions. The technology is there to do it. Our challenge is being able to cover the cost.  Currently, we are getting bids and looking a potential fund raising sources.

Internet connectivity is becoming a must in our lives and I am happy to forward the news that MLA is working on Internet access for attendees and is making progress towards connectivity for the meeting.

One thought on “WiFi Access at MLA’s 2011 Annual Meeting”

  1. Hey, just wanted to pass along that I am at the Cochrane/Campbell mtg and Wiley is sponsoring the wifi here. JAMA is sponsoring the computer lab. Just in case that is a helpful lead possibility.

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