Win a Trip to MLA 2013 in Boston

NN/LM Middle Atlantic Region members, you have a chance to win a trip to MLA 2013 in Boston!  It all centers around National Medical Librarians Month which is right now, in October. 

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MAR would like to celebrate medical librarians in our region. National Medical Librarians Month gives information professionals an opportunity to market their services and highlight their contributions to research, education and improved patient outcomes. Are you doing something to celebrate Medical Librarians Month? If so, share your story by sending to nnlmmar[atsign] If applicable, also share a photo depicting your activities/events.

MAR will be collecting your stories and highlighting them in our blog and weekly postings throughout October. All those that submit a story before Oct. 31st will be entered into a random drawing to receive an award to cover registration and airfare to MLA 2013. Please, only one entry per library.

NOTE:  There has been a change to the entry rules.  Multiple entries may be received from the same library, but only ONE entry per person.

I love these kind of opportunities and I wish there was a central area where medical librarians could look up all possible funding opportunities to attend the annual meeting.  So, if you are a Chapter, Section, or other group giving away a scholarship, grant, contest, etc. to attend the 2013 MLA Annual Meeting, please email me or comment and I will post it on my blog so that more people know about it.  Please don’t consider my blog to be the central area to find this sort of thing, so if you are advertising or search about funding opportunities please make sure you look in multiple places.  I just want to promote them as best as possible, so people who don’t get institutional travel money have one more place to read and find out about them.

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