Your Opinions Please

In May 2015, I will become the MLA President.  In the past when I was a Board Member, I tried to blog in a way that I was not speaking for MLA but also shedding light on the organization and the profession.  Well when I become President, I think it will be increasingly difficult, especially as I write blog posts (or whatever communication) as President on MLANet.

However, I want to keep this blog going.  It has been helpful to be to organize my thoughts, hear back from other librarians, and learn from others outside of the library world.  So I have an idea and I would like your opinion on it.

I will continue to blog as normal up to May-ish sometime.  At which time I become MLA President I will allow guest bloggers to publish posts through my Presidential year.  I will still from time to time post something on here but my intention is to have fresh content from fresh minds keeping this information resource going while I am unable to due to time and possibly conflicts of interest.

So I thought I would put out a call for guest bloggers around March and select a group who would work together to provide some of the content for this blog.  My intention is to have 1-2 posts a week. Having a group of bloggers instead of one person would make this easier and not so much of a burden to write on anybody.

What do you think about this idea?  Would you still be interested in reading it? Should I just scrap the blog anyway?  I appreciate any thoughts you, the reader have.  Please comment and let me know.

BTW if you want to be a guest poster, I haven’t worked out the details but I know this much…I can’t offer money nor AHIP points or anything official. It would just be a fun way to write about medicine, librarianship, or medical librarianship.

7 thoughts on “Your Opinions Please”

  1. Congrats Michelle!
    I think having guest bloggers is a great idea too! If you are looking for contributors, you can count on me. I might be able to bring some Canadian perspectives or information about Toronto for the readers.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I would be interested in writing some posts. I plan to go to 3 conferences this year (including MLA) and will write about my experiences on my blog, so you could use that content (or vice versa). I have also tentatively sent out an expression of interest to attend a EBM Education course in Oxford late this year, and I could blog about that if I end up going. And there are some other events I will be attending also … Just let me know if you are interested. 🙂

  3. Yes – please continue this blog! I only discovered it, sadly, in 2014 and I definitely want to keep reading it.

  4. Congrats Michelle! I know you’ll do a bank-up job as President. You have the smarty-smarts for ANYTHING you do. I’d be interested in doing some blog work, if it goes that way. Or working collaboratively, if it goes that way. I’m not a Librarian, but I blog for the Welch Library. I was one of the 2013 guest bloggers for MLA in Boston. If you’re looking for more solidly Librarian folks, I’m sure they’ll come-a-calling.


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