Friday Fun: What do Zombies Have to do with Accessing the Medical Library Remotely

Question: What do zombies have to do with accessing the medical library resources remotely?

Answer: In case the world goes all Shaun of the Dead, the University of Florida Libraries recommends accessing the library resources remotely from a safe and secure area where authorized users can use UF’s remote resources to research survival skills. 

The University of Florida Libraries created a diaster preparedness LibGuide in case there should ever be an outbreak of ZBSD (Zombie Behavior Spectrum Disorder).  The complete UF Zombie Attack Disaster Preparedness Simulation Exercise is archived in the UF Institutional Repository and available to view. 

The UF Zombie Attack Disaster Prepardeness Simulation Exercise offers great insights on dealing with a national disaster such as ZBSD.

Thank you dial_m and jannabeth for directing my attention to this.  I would consider myself fairly knowledgable of ZBSD and from my vast research (including much of what is cited in this exercise) a diverse aresnal works best for protection, however I would not recommend LPs (as mentioned in the exercise) they have been proven ineffective as demonstrated in this short video clip (Wright 2004).

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