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Looking for some good medical apps for the Android?  The MidContinental Regional News clued me into a nice list on the Software Advice Medical Blog.  As a result of publishing their best iPhone medical apps the folks over at Software Advice had a lot of requests for a follow up post highlighting medical apps for the Android.  So they whittled down the “over 1,200 ‘Health’ apps in the Android Market place to 18 categories and 60 apps designed for doctors, nurses and students.”  They specifically chose apps for medical professionals and chose not to list ones directed at consumers. 

Check out the site and the list, if you have an Android.  They welcome any suggestions in the comments section.  They will update the list if they see a good app that they missed. 

On a similar note:  Medical librarians have you done a lot of work looking at evaluating and helping medical professionals choose medical apps for their devices?  If so you, are you interested in writing about it?  If the answer is yes to both questions then you should check out the most recent call for contributors from iMedicalApps.  According to their post, “ is growing rapidly – and we want more for the medical community to participate.  If you’re a healthcare provider or student in healthcare, and interested in mobile technology we’d love for you apply.”  They are currently looking for two more staff writers and people willing to guest posts as well.  Not only are they looking for people who have interests in the Android, Blackberry and Palm but they are interested in other healthcare provider professionals besides doctors. 

Medical librarians are already great at doing database reviews on medical resources, medical apps are right up the same alley.

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