Out On Maternity Leave

For those who don’t know, our family welcomed our little girl on February 1st.  I will not be writing any posts in the near future.  I will resume gradually in the next month or so.

6 thoughts on “Out On Maternity Leave”

  1. Congratulations – so nice to have a little girl. Please share some photos – love those baby pics.

    On a related note, a true professional just can’t turn off thinking about issues when out on maternity leave, or for illness. It’s in our blood… I remeber the times right after ours were born, and recovering from surgery long ago.
    And you’re right, late night TV is horrid. A few cable channels run their nightly program again after midnight – keep looking and you may find. Or put on a DVD/Baby Einstein? Amazing how much our little grandson likes the Little Einstein series and classical lullabies…

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