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These last two weeks have been extremely hectic for me.  I have tried to keep posting on my off time but I have been off my normal routine.  This is not the way I usually do things.  I love writing and posting and enjoying hearing from readers.  But I have been busier than normal and just haven’t had time to post as usual.  For those of you who don’t know, I sold my house.  After 2-3 years of it being on/off the market we had somebody come in on July 4th weekend and buy it.  The key stressor (and the reason I have not been posting as much), the buyer wanted to close on July 23rd!  We have outgrown our starter home and have been wanting to move for so long, and in this market when somebody wants your house you will do almost anything to sell it.

We had two weekends to find a place to live and to move our stuff.  A family of four (plus one large dog) has a lot of stuff and it is difficult to move out quickly.  After going on a whirlwind tour viewing 10 potential houses in 5 hours, we decided after several cold beers and Tylenol that we didn’t want to rush into buying anything.  Additionally it was highly unlikely that we would be able to close on even an empty house and move in by July 23rd.  So we decided to move into an apartment until we could find a new home.  Still, finding an available apartment for a family at a reasonable price (not more than my mortgage) and allowed large dogs was impossible.  Once we decided Baxter, the beloved family dog, would go on “vacation” with my mom in St. Louis, it made finding an apartment slightly easier. 

Last weekend was spending packing and moving.  This week we are still in the middle of moving little odds and ends out and cleaning the house.  Cross my fingers all will go well and we will only be squooshed in an apartment for a small amount of time.  But in the mean time my posts will be a little sporadic as I just don’t have the time or space to sit down to write or keep up with all of the library world events.  When things start to settle down I will be back to posting as usual. 

One weekend to pack and move.
One weekend to pack and move.

8 thoughts on “Posts Will Be Sporadic”

  1. Yikes! I know that moving can be stressful enough, without the added time crunch you found yourself in. I wish you all the best house hunting and that some of your sanity may still be intact over the next few weeks (yay for getting to find a new house!). I’ll eagerly await for your posts when things are slightly more in order.

  2. Send that picture to rubbermaid you could get some cool new stuff from them. Maybe some seethrough containers so you will know whats in them….unless those are cataloged and labeled like a krafty librarian would do!

  3. I wish you luck as well…Moving is definitely a stressor…Rubbermaid is definitely a blessing though. I really enjoy your blog…your posts will be worth the wait. Please take your time getting your family and yourself situated.

  4. Between Rubbermaid and the PODS system, you are stylin! We did the exact same thing with 2 cats and a kid in 2004, ended up living with my parents for a month while we found a house… so I completely get it! Good luck, don’t sweat the small stuff, it all works out in the end. Just remember, you are moving, not delivering babies! Good luck!

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